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Purchasing Owned Phone Numbers
Purchasing Owned Phone Numbers

Register number as outgoing

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Connected outgoing numbers are used to send SMS from your campaigns and Messenger.

You can easily purchase numbers and find the list of your Active Connected Outgoing numbers on the Phone Setup page. Also, you can check the total number of phones, as well as details per each of the active ones.

Pricing: The cost is $1 per outgoing phone number per month.

To purchase a phone number, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the Phone Setup page under Settings.

  2. Click on the Buy number next to the New phone number field

  3. Select the type of the number (Local or Toll-Free) from the drop-down.

  4. Select the area code you want to use in the Prefix field

  5. Click Search to get a list of available phone numbers.

  6. Select the number you want to purchase and click on Buy.


There's no need to purchase many numbers. You would need to have only 1 number of the relevant area code to send multiple SMS per day.
Having more than 1 number per area code may make your account look suspicious to the carriers and cause an increase in block rate.

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