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Updating Your Profile Information
Updating Your Profile Information
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You can easily update your first and last name, email address, company, selected timezone, and password and enable Google login on the Profile page of your account.

Updating First and Last Name

  1. Add your First and Last name to the relevant fields

  2. Click outside of the First/Last name box and refresh the page.

Updating Email Address

  1. Click Change (pan icon) next to the Email Address field

  2. Add New Email Address

  3. Enter current password

  4. Click the button Save changes

  5. Open your mailbox and click the link in the verification email.

Updating Company Name

  1. Add your new company name to the relevant field

  2. Click the button Save changes

Changing Timezone

  1. Click the Select Timezone field

  2. Choose a relevant timezone.

Important: While scheduling your campaign system uses the timezone set on the Profile page of your account.

Example: If you live in (UTC -06:00)Chicago timezone and send campaigns to leads located in (UTC -08:00)Los Angeles timezone, you need to change the timezone to match your leads’ timezone. Otherwise, your leads might receive SMS past business hours.

Updating Password

  1. Click Update Password next to the Password field

  2. Enter Current password

  3. Enter New password

  4. Click the button Save changes


If you are not able to log in with your current password or forgot it, you need to reset your current password. Please click here and follow the instructions on the screen to reset your password.

Google Log-in

You can enable the Google login feature by linking your Smarter Contact profile with a Google account. To do this, please click the GConnect button next to Connect a Google account and follow the steps in the pop-up.

Once Google login is enabled, you need to use the Log-In with Google button in order to log into Smarter Contact.


In case you want to log in again with your account email and the password, rather than using the Google account, please log in to Smarter Contact with your Google account and go to Settings > Profile. In the Connect a google account option, click on the Disconnect button.

Important: Don’t forget to click the Save changes button to update the profile information.

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