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RVM feature overview
RVM feature overview
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Have you ever thought about reaching your leads with a voicemail? If so, the RVM feature will allow you to send thousands of voicemails automatically!

RVM campaigns are available on the Pro and Elite plans.

With the RVM, you can send your recorded voicemail message to all contacts on your list. If your leads have a voicemail set up, the audio message will land right into their voicemail box without the phone ringing.

We charge only for the RVM delivered to your contacts' voicemail boxes. When you send your campaign, the system places an authorization hold for the total of the RVMs sent in this campaign. Once the campaign is Ended, it automatically refunds the non-delivered RVMs to your account balance.

The cost is $0.03/RVM (Pro Plan) and $0.025/RVM (Elite Plan).

Check this article for a step-by-step guide on creating an RVM Campaign.

1. Limit: 5,000 RVM per day per account.

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