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Smarter Contact 2.1 Release August 2022
Smarter Contact 2.1 Release August 2022
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  • Postponed messages - You can now send messages in your 1on1 conversations with a delay (e.g after 15 minutes)

  • Mobile Text Alerts - Improvements to flow

  • Phone System - Add toggle to enable/disable incoming calls

  • Affiliates - New affiliates can now register in one simple form


  • We made major improvements to platform speed and responsiveness ⚡️⚡️

  • RVM limits - Created a maximum of 5,000 RVMs per day per account. RVM can only be used once account has been approved for Standard Brand A2P 10DLC.

  • Mobile Text Alerts - Improvements to the flow of this feature

  • Contact Management - Fixed bugs in early release

  • Messenger - User can now open conversation in a new tab

  • Campaigns - Fixed display issues with scheduling within campaigns

  • Contacts - UI improvements and a better display

  • Calendar - Ability to edit past events and additional UI improvements

  • Reporting - Improved data display

  • Messenger - Improved data display on messenger and labels page

  • Campaigns - Updated logic for scheduling drip campaigns

  • Skiptrace - Improved Skiptracing functionality

  • Templates - Add words “free, now, offer, winner” to forbidden words

  • Phone system - We have a new limitation of 30 minutes per 1 phone call

What we’re currently working on…

  • Extended billing history - See more about how much you spend on each campaign, down the detail.

  • Customer Headers - Ability to name your headers anything you want instead of the preset options we provide

  • Settings Notifications - Notifications on the mainscreen (like your Facebook page😎)

  • REI Sift Integration - Custom Integration for many of you using this software

  • Push Groups directly to Campaigns (and vice versa) - This makes your life easier with less clicks

  • Mobile app - No words necessary. Coming very soon…

On behalf of our rockstar dev team, we hope you enjoyed this update. We have a LOT more in store as the weeks and months rolling in. We’ll be releasing a major update each month so can expect 2.2 around the same time next month.

Want to add a feature you want to see us a build? Write it here

We take your opinions very seriously.

With 💙,

SC Team

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