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A2P 10DLC Registration with Carriers
A2P 10DLC Registration with Carriers
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After activating your Smarter Contact account, you need to register your Brand and Company due to A2P 10DLC.

Mobile carriers are requiring all US businesses sending SMS through the A2P 10DLC system to register with them.
With Smarter Contact, you can register for FREE.
We kept it as SIMPLE and SMOOTH as possible.

Here's how you can get registered and start running your campaigns.


1. Activate your subscription on the Membership page.

2. Go to the Brand registration page in the Settings of your account.
3. Add the required info to the relevant fields:

Personal Information

First Name
• Last Name

Contact Number: It should match the number from the contact details of your website.
• Email: It should have a domain name similar to your brand/ website domain name.
e.g. Site: > Email: Also, this should be the same email address listed in the contact details on your website
• State
• City
• Address/Street
• Zip Code

Brand Details

Legal Company Name: This name should match the name in your legal documents.

Website: You should provide a link to a working website representing your business/ brand.

Website requirements:

  • Your site should have a secure https://... protocol extension.

  • The domain name of your website should match your legal company name.

  • The contact information on your site should match your site domain and contact details in the form.

  • Your contact phone number on site should match the contact number submitted in the Personal Information section and the number stated in the EIN confirmation letter.

  • Your business email should have a domain name similar to your website domain name.
    e.g. Site: > Email:

  • Your site should have an opt-in form with the compliant opt-in and opt-out language that should include the following:

    • The brand/company represented in the initial message

    • The use case/ a description of the messages that will be sent

    • Fee disclosure ("Message and data rates may apply")

    • Service delivery frequency or recurring messages disclosure ("Message frequency varies," "1 message per login", etc.)

    • Customer care information (typically "Text HELP for help" or Help at XXX-XXX-XXXX)

    • Opt-out instructions (typically "Reply STOP to unsubscribe."

    • A consent checkbox disabled by default.

    • Privacy Policy (reach Support Team for the text sample).

Please check the screenshot below for an example of the compliant opt-in language:

Note: the opt-in language should be right above/below the form you collect your leads data through, and if you have several contact forms on your website, please add the opt-in language to each of the forms.

EIN (Tax ID Number): To get more information and apply for your own EIN, click here
EIN Issuing Country. Currently, only US-registered businesses can submit the registration.
Usecase: select the use case typical for the campaigns you're looking to send. For REI, you can select 'Mixed', this usually allows more flexibility than 'Marketing' if you're reaching out not only to sellers but to buyers as well.
Vertical: select an industry you work in (and for which you will be sending SMS)

Describe Campaign

Message flow: Describe how a customer opts into a campaign, giving the sender consent to send messages. If a campaign supports different opt-in mechanisms, you must mention all of them.
e.g., Our company has a website where contacts submit the form, providing their contact details and consent to receive messages from us. We collect this data and use it to send our campaigns.

Describe your SMS campaign: provide a short description of the campaigns you're looking to send. This should give carriers an idea of what your messages will be about.
Campaign Alias/Title: provide an example name of a campaign you're looking to send (i.e., Follow-up Seller Campaign, Service satisfaction survey, etc.)

Sample Message 1 and Sample Message 2: Provide two example message templates you will be using for your campaigns. It's recommended to keep your message templates clear and informative and introduce your company/brand in your templates.

The message should have opt-out language Reply STOP to unsubscribe.

4. Once you've added all the necessary information, click Submit.

5. Wait for the registration to get approved.
After the Brand registration approval, you can purchase owned numbers to get them approved by the carrier.

6. You can watch this video on how to easily create a compliant website with Wix in 10 minutes. Feel free to reach us if you experience any difficulties.


  • All form fields are required for submission

  • You can have up to 49 local numbers in your account with Standard A2P 10DLC registration

  • The average approval time is three business days. Registration for brands with new EIN may take longer, as it takes time for IRS to update the national registry.

  • The approval of your registration is done on the carrier's side, and we cannot speed up the process.

  • Carriers may also ask you to submit copies of the documents to prove the brand ownership.

  • You also need to register your subaccounts. Message templates should be different for each subaccount, while message flow, campaign description, and campaign title can be similar to the data submitted for the main account.
    Each subaccount can also have up to 49 local numbers.

  • Trial users can't register with A2P 10DLC. Activate your subscription to register.

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