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Smarter Contact 2.2 Release September 2022
Smarter Contact 2.2 Release September 2022
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  • Push to Campaigns - Push your contacts to a custom Group once a campaign is ended. That way you can create advanced follow-up automations and close more sales.

  • Push to Contacts - Push your Group directly to a new Campaign right from the Contacts page. Whether you’re running a sales promo or want to stay in contact with your hottest leads after a campaign ends, this feature will help with that.

  • Advanced Billing history - Track all your charges either from credit card or the balance. So much easier to file taxes & track expenses now!

  • Customer Service Rating - Rate our service so we can make improvements and platform additions for you.

  • Deposit Bonuses - Get $20 to $50 in free bonus money (on us!) whenever you top up or add money to your account for bigger amounts.


  • Contacts - Improved upload speed

  • Contacts - Fixed counters in Groups/Campaigns

  • Contacts - Fixed counters for contacts pushed from Skiptrace

  • Campaigns - Added ability to edit message template right from the Campaign page

  • Reporting - Added message preview for templates dropdown

  • Campaigns - Fixed issues with scheduling campaigns

  • Membership - Improved aurorecharge logic

  • Reporting - Improved data display

  • Settings - Improved profile management flow

  • Contacts - Fixed UI issues in Groups

  • Contacts - Fixed performance issues during verifying for big groups

  • Contact Management - Adjusted logic for opted-out contacts

  • Campaigns - Improved UI for pricing

  • Contacts - Improved display for verified Groups

  • Contacts - Fixed contacts deleting

  • Campaigns - Improved sending flow

  • Contact Management - Improved UI for displaying categories

  • Sub accounts - Improved adding flow

  • Campaigns - Fixed throttling issues

  • Campaigns - Improved display for drip campaigns

  • Reporting - Improved data display

  • Calendar - Fixed UI for daily view

  • Campaigns - Improved charges for drip campaigns

  • Messenger - Improved flow for deleting conversations

What we’re currently working on…

  • REI Sift Intergration - Custom Integration for many of you using this software

  • IoS/Android app 📱 - No words necessary. Releasing October 3rd

  • Custom Headers - Ability to name your headers anything you want instead of the preset options we provide

  • Settings Notifications - Notifications on the mainscreen (like your Facebook page😎)

  • Extended limit for drip campaigns - Keep customers engaged longer.

  • Reporting page improvements

  • Plan modifications

Our dev team has been hard at work improving the software.

We’re already working on update 2.3, which you can expect the same time next month. Get ready because it’s going to be a big one!

In the meantime…

If you have any suggestions, ideas, or want us to add a feature in the next update:

Write it here

We take your opinions very seriously.

With 💙,

SC Team

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