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Smarter Contact 2.4 Release January 2023
Smarter Contact 2.4 Release January 2023
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New Features and Improvements:

πŸ–₯️ Desktop app updates:

Contact lists πŸ‘₯:

  • Add up to 20 custom headers to your list on your account Settings page and use them as personalization tokens in your messages or to segment your contact groups.

  • Duplicate existing contact groups, apply new headers to those groups, and create new groups with the new headers

  • Display 25 to 100 contacts at a time in your contact list display view

  • Select "Remove existing contacts" when uploading a list to avoid duplicate contacts from being uploaded to your contact database. Improved duplication handling allows only unique contacts to be uploaded.

Messenger πŸ’¬:

  • Find conversations filtering by custom date ranges

  • Edit custom header values from the contact's Info tab

  • Contact export files filtered by campaign, group and label now include the "email address" header

  • Improved message templates UI

Campaigns πŸ“ˆ:

  • Select all your messages template variants on the first step of your campaign

  • Preview and edit messages templates from each campaign step

  • Updated UI for message template selection

Calendar πŸ“…:

  • With a simple click, see event info, edit events, and delete events with the new event "view mode" display

Billing πŸ“‘:

  • Filter your billing history by custom date ranges, select transaction type, and bulk export all transactions in a .csv file or download single transaction invoices

Integrations πŸ”—:

  • REISift Integration - Improved error handling

Settings βš™οΈ:

  • Added mobile responsiveness for Profile, Membership, and Affiliates pages

πŸ“± Mobile app updates:

Messenger πŸ’¬:

  • Add custom headers

  • Delete conversations

  • Add contacts to the DNC list

Reporting πŸ“Š:

  • Templates belonging to a dedicated campaign are now displayed

Other πŸ”§:

  • UI improvements and bug fixes

If you haven’t downloaded the app, do so now on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

What we’re currently working on…

  • Keyword campaigns: Allow users to set up a campaign with an automatic reply based on specifically defined keywords

  • Inbound REISift Integration: Two-way data sync to improve your data management and use

  • Notifications: Receive notifications on your account dashboard (like you do on Facebook)

  • Reporting: Better campaign reporting to help you keep better track of your campaign results

  • Messenger: Improved conversation management and handling to help you keep better track of your sales pipeline

We're already working on the 2.5 product release, which will be out around the same time next month. Get ready because it's going to be a big one! This is just a sneak peek.

Until then…

If you have any product feedback or suggestions on what features we should add in our next update, then submit your request here. Your feedback is valued, appreciated, and noted.

Get excited for the next update because the best is yet to come!

With πŸ’™,

SC Team

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