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Creating a Keyword template
Creating a Keyword template
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Keyword templates allow you to save a Keyword for your Keyword campaign and an automatic message that will be sent in response to your leads' inbound messages that contain the pre-set Keyword.

Click here to learn more about Keyword Campaigns.

To create a Keyword template, please do the following:

  1. Go to Campaigns -> Keyword templates -> Add new keyword

  2. Enter the Keyword. This is the word that you expect to see in your leads' messages that would trigger an auto-response.

    Note: this field allows up to 35 alphanumeric characters, and the system won't allow you to add a space, so you cannot set a phrase as a keyword. It is not case-sensitive, so the system will trigger an auto-response no matter if a lead replies in upper/lowercase.

    Tip: When deciding on the Keyword, opt in for something simple, catchy, and related to your offer.

    It's better not to choose too common words that can be used in a negative context with "no" or "not". For example, "Interested" is not a good idea for a keyword, as your leads could reply "Not Interested", but the system would still recognize "Interested" as the keyword and will trigger the pre-set auto-response.

  3. Set the message that will be sent automatically in response to any messages that contain the Keyword.

    The message field has a 160-character limit, including the opt-out language.

  4. Hit the Save keyword button to save the template.

To Edit a Keyword, go to Keyword Templates under Campaigns and click on the small "pencil" icon to the right of the template's name.

Edit the content and hit Save keyword to save the changed template.

To Delete a Keyword, go to Keyword Templates under Campaigns and click on the small "trash can" icon to the right of the template's name, and confirm deleting by selecting Delete on the pop-up screen.

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