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Plans and Pricing
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These Plans and Pricing apply to all users who subscribed to Business plans after May 2, 2023.
Users who subscribed before May 2, 2023, migrated to New Plans on May 2, 2023, except for the Enterprise users.

Migration rules:
Old Starter Plan migrates to New Starter Plan.
Ninja Plan migrates to Pro Plan
Top G Plan migrates to Elite Plan


We offer the following Monthly plans:

You can also check Yearly plans (billed annually) with a great money save-up:

Learn more about the software features per plan:

Features Details

Available with Basic Plan

  • Unlimited Leads and Contacts

  • Unlimited Markets

  • Unlimited Two-Way Messaging

  • Unrivaled SMS Delivery rates

  • All-in-one Intuitive CRM

  • No 3rd Party Registration

  • Biweekly Live Training

  • Phone Number Verification

  • Free Incoming Messages & Calls

  • Text Campaigns

  • Duplicate Filter

  • DNC & Litigator Scrub

  • Text Suppressions

  • Macro Responses

  • In-App Calendar

  • Mobile App

  • Call Forwarding

  • Toll-Free Numbers

The Basic plan is limited to 500 campaign SMS sent per month.

Available with Starter plans (+ Basic features)

  • Local Phone Numbers

  • Web/Mobile Dialing

  • Call Recording

  • Voicemail Box

  • Keyword Campaigns

The Starter plan is limited to 2,500 campaign SMS sent per month.

Available with Pro and Elite plans (+ Starter features)

  • Drip Campaigns

  • Ringless Voicemail Campaigns

  • Campaign Scheduling

  • Campaign Throttling

  • CRM Integrations

The Pro plan does not have a monthly SMS limit

Available with Elite plans (+ Pro features)

  • Opt-out removal

  • Mobile Text Alerts

  • Additional Users

The Elite plan does not have a monthly SMS limit


Smarter Contact is a freemium platform. Once you sign up for one of the plans, there will be additional payments for the specific services.
Here's the list of main and optional charges for the features:

  • Outgoing SMS: $0.05/SMS (Basic Plan), $0.03/SMS (Starter Plan); $0.025 (Pro Plan); $0.02 (Elite Plan)

  • Outbound calls: $0.02/min (Starter Plan), $0.015/min (Pro Plan), $0.01/min (Elite Plan)

  • Outgoing phone numbers: $1 per phone per month.

  • Skiptracing (not verification): $0.18/successful hit (Basic Plan), $0.15/hit (Starter Plan); $0.12/hit (Pro Plan); $0.10/hit (Elite Plan), $0.20/hit (without an active subscription)

  • Mobile text alerts: 100 free SMS; 101< SMS are charged $0.01/SMS

  • RVMs: $0.03 Per RVM Delivered Pro Plan and $0.025 Per RVM Delivered Elite Plan

Planning to send big volumes? We've got you covered with Enterprise Plans.

Enterprise plans include all features of the Elite plan and:

Elite Plus 20k: + 20k monthly SMS package and a discounted 0.015/SMS overage rate.

Elite Plus 50k: + 50k monthly SMS package and a discounted 0.014/SMS overage rate.

Elite Plus 75k: + 75k monthly SMS package and a discounted 0.0135/SMS overage rate.

Elite Plus 100k: + 100k monthly SMS package and a discounted 0.013/SMS overage rate.

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