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Smarter Contact 2.6.06 Release 06/04/24
Smarter Contact 2.6.06 Release 06/04/24
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Delivery Rate Optimizations to Effectively Reach More People

We're excited to release a series of updates in 2.6.06 to optimize your campaign performance, which all starts with getting more of your text messages delivered!

1. Optimizing text message delivery

For campaigns who have more than 2,500 enrolled contacts, you’ll need to select a minimum of 3 phone numbers to start the campaign. Our platform will automatically distribute the sending of your text message across all phone numbers selected.


  • Increased delivery rates: By effectively distributing sending across your multiple phone numbers, less of your text messages will be carrier blocked and more of your text messages will be delivered to the end recipient.

  • Phone number reputation management: This new sending distribution will better preserve and manage your brand’s phone number reputation, allowing you to send more effectively, deliver more text messages, reach more people, and increase your response rates.

2. Significantly better results at a fraction of the cost

These optimizations in text message delivery and phone number reputation management will deliver better campaign performance. Our new phone number pricing tiers will be introduced to enable us to deliver on that promise. Here’s the pricing breakdown per phone number line:

  • Starter plan: $5/mo

  • Pro plan: $4/mo

  • Elite plan: $3/mo

  • Enterprise plans: $2/mo

As long as your product plan subscription remains active, a recurring phone number servicing fee will be assed to continue the servicing of that phone number.

All fees will be charged from your in-app credit balance. Your card on-file will not be billed separately. Upon product plan cancellation, all of your phone numbers are released back to the carriers and will no longer be associated with your business. Therefore, no fees will be assessed thereafter.


  • Discounted pricing: All plans are designed to save you more money the higher your plan. Our Enterprise plan customers will enjoy our highest phone number pricing discount while still reaping the same benefits of increased delivery rates and phone number reputation management available to all of our customers on any plan.

  • Budgeting made easy: The new pricing structure allows you to budget for business expenses more efficiently without any surprise credit card charges. Simply recharge your in-app credit balance to cover all usage-related costs. Enable auto recharge on your account to receive free bonus credits every month. The higher your auto recharge amount, the more free bonus credits you’ll receive!

We believe these updates will enable you to run significantly more efficient campaigns and better manage your phone number reputation to reach more people, engage more leads, close more deals, and achieve your earning potential faster. As always, we're committed to your success!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team by opening a support chat. Simply click the chat icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen to start a conversation.

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